One laptop to rule them all? Or maybe just cope a little bit?

So as an update… right or wrong I found a guy selling a 2021 razer blade 14 with the 3080 card still in plastic unopened for less than half the ticket price and I bought it
Ended up paying $2150 aud
In the end this worked out as the cheapest option from everything I was looking at.
Hopefully was a wise choice
Thanks all


It is. 3080 is a very good gpu, and 5900HX is among the best laptop cpus.

Nah I goosed it- it was a scam- lost $150 deposit but at least didn’t get jacked for the 2 grand cash I was carrying for the meet. It was too good to be true I should have known better. Oh well back to the drawing board!

You cant buy a high end laptop for 350
Edit: Ignore this, i am dumb.

Did a message get cut? Who said anything about 350?
This has been the only sane thread about laptops on the forums in a while where the OP is actually apparently willing to overpay :stuck_out_tongue:

CyberPowerPC has some great gaming laptops at decent prices (at least by current year prices):

Gaming Computer and Desktop Trusted Seller | CyberPowerPC

They aren’t super gaudy looking either like some gaming stuff.