One Input, 2 actions?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there’s anyway I can have 1 input button perform 2 animation from the anim bp? For an example I want to have the button X on the keyboard to play one animation and then another one right after. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve this? Thank you for the help in advance.


You have to create an Animation Montage with the 2 animations. You can drag and drop 2 animations. Assign a slot for it. Add the slot name to your state machine before the Output Pose.

Then for the button pressed, play animation montage.

Hope it helps.

Hi Geodvs, thanks for replaying. Yes I understand that part but I should had been more clear so my apologizes. What I would like to know is if I have 2 animation for 2 separate buttons. One animation is for drawing my weapon and the other is for attacking. I want to be able to play the animation for drawing the weapon before they start attacking. Any ideas on how this might work?

Yeah do you know how to set up a notify event on your montage?
Have you got an animation to draw a weapon?
Have you got a socket set up for the weapon?

Yes, I have an animation for drawing the weapon and yes I know how to set up a notify event in montage. But no I don’t have a socket set and I think I know how to do but I’m just going to watch a tutorial on it just to be sure. I’m just wondering how having a socket and a notify event will help me fix this problem. Although I am still very new to unreal so maybe that’s why I don’t know yet.

With your animation, when the character reaches for the weapon, at the moment you want the character to pick up the weapon, you create a notify event in that montage.
So on button pressed (eg X) >> Play montage. It will play the draw animation then as soon as it hits the notify event, it will fire off the next event which will be to AttachToComponent().
From there you will have to pass in the Socket Name to attach to.
Have you figured out how to create a socket? Add it in Persona to a nominated joint.

Thanks Geodvs, sorry I took awhile to respond back. I’m going to try it and let you know how it works out. Right now I’m trying to fix my IK footing. You wouldn’t happen to know and good tutorials would you?

Hey bud, yeah no me too. I’ve been tied up as well.
Check this series out. It will help you with the idea of setting up notify events with your montage.
From there you should be able to understand how to set up your inputs.
Let me know how you go…


Hey man, yeah I got the idea of using notify events but I was wondering if you have any tutorial on IK foot placement. That thing has been driving me freaking nuts. Also thanks for replying back man.