One client does not receive input, when launching two clients on the same machine and server

Repro steps:

  1. Download and compile from github.

  2. Make dedicated server.

  3. Package game and server.

  4. Launch server with playable map.

  5. Launch first client.

  6. Launch second client.

  7. Alt tab to first client.

I have used ThirdPersonTemplate without any changes.
You can’t do anything on first client.


  • What method are you using to create your dedicated server?
  • What platform are you packaging your game for?


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iniside I have the exact same problem, did you find a fix?


If you can answer the questions I posted above, I’d be glad to continue to investigate the issue further.


I followed [this guide to create a dedicated server for Windows.

You can find my question with more details here:


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Please refer to that post for updates regarding this issue, as a bug report has been entered, UE-32854.