One BP, various skeletals meshes with trails, wierd visualization

Hi all, a very long tittle for the post for a very feark problem.

I have the blueprint of the picture, which every big axe is a skeletal mesh with an animation moving the blade left and right. The tipical cutting blade trap

The animation have one track to activate a trail to give some cool looking to the animation, here the picture with the trail in a bright red color to wacht it easy.

Ok everything work fine, but when I run the level and activate the animations, the blades don’t show the trails correct, here is a video showing the problem.

So, the setup is very simple and everything look has the right config, because hte trails are showing, but I don’t know if there are any trouble setting up multiple skeletal meshes with one trail track.

Anyone have some information I’m missing or something else?

Thak you boys and girls.