One bedroom apartment in New York

Hello everyone.
This is new project of my team. It would be interesting to know your opinion.

Texturing, lighting great! Looks like you have some scale issues though, in particular the door height.

looks really good

I think it looks great! The lighting is ultra real and that cinches it for me. There was one artificial light near a window that I do not think would throw as much light as it shows in a room so bright. I think in terms of realism, turning off all the lights in a daylight room will make the animation look more realistic.

I would slow down the camera! textures and great!

Guys, thanks for the feedback! Each of them was useful.
RI3DVIZ, you were right, the door is now 2050 mm, it is good to make them a little higher.
PhillyArchitect, I agree to the light from the lamps is not necessary.
heartlessphil, now I understand that at some point the camera goes too fast.

Excellent work!! It looks very nice !! I think that FOV is very open in the screenshots and you are geting too much distorion on the sides.

Now we have already set up the camera so that the mouse wheel can be adjusted FOV. Screenshots not the newest. A lot of work and I don’t have time to make fresh.

Most of the jobs I get the door height is 7 feet - I’m in the US. Maybe a bit lower where you are?

I live in Ukraine. The height of the doors can be very different. 2050 mm is not a crime :slight_smile: This is the minimum size.

It’s illegal here. :wink:

2050mm is illegal there?!

Here in AUS, 2040mm is standard! With 2340mm the next favourable size.

That was a joke. :smiley:

I still play with this demo :slight_smile:

This demo you can download:

Looks pretty good man!

This is awesome! Can someone please explain to me how SergoMYID exported his scene into an application (.exe)?

Looking really great! That piece of bread was looking so good, it made me hungry