One AnimBP for each character


I have these 3d character models that i have migrated in. It came with a skeleton.
I wanted to retarget the Animations to the 3d models I imported in
so I took the existing Animation Blueprint that has animations already and selected retarget and duplicate.

How do I get the other 3d models to share that animation blueprint without retargeting and duplicating again?

You just need to retarget the AnimBP.
Go into the mannequin (if that’s the base you’re using for animations) and set it to Humanoid rigging.

Then retarget its animBP to the mannequin again … so the animBP takes on that rigging.

Now you can use that animBP with other figures that fit the rigging.

So… pull in the Infinity Blades - Warriors set and set the skeleton’s rigging to Humanoid.
And those characters can now all use the ThirdPerson AnimBP

Ok. I didn’t do that.

I just went to the 3d models, attached a skeleton, saved then I created a character blueprint and add the animation blueprint and wala.

So they were already set to the same rig?
Yeah, that would make it quick.

It’s odd really, that there isn’t a far more functional automatic rigging tool after all these years.
They got passed the hierarchy lists back when Poser was still new… I wonder what has it so slowed down.