One Animation Montage for All Player's Animations?


  • I was wondering if there is any limitations on how many Animations a single Animation Montage can play?
  • How many Animations can a Single Animation Montage Hold?
  • Does it affect Perfomance in any way or is there any Negavitves/Disadvantages in having lots of Animations in a Single Montage?

I have a project, where I am using One Animation Montage to hold All Animations of a Player, which I am then calling by their Slot Names. So far I have about 10 Animations stored in One Animation Montage.
Is it possible to have 40-60 Animations in a single Animation Montage? Will it have any affect in Perfomance, memory or load times?

Any Help or Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

I don’t know why - but everything in my bones screams “don’t do it this way”… UE has quite a powerfull animation controll system, why don’t you use it? Thing like stateMachines are unusable with your setup, I think.