One Animation Montage for All Player's Animations?


  • I was wondering if there is any limitations on how many Animations a single Animation Montage can play?
  • How many Animations can a Single Animation Montage Hold?
  • Does it affect Performance in any way or is there any Negavitves/Disadvantages in having lots of Animations in a Single Montage?

I have a project, where I am using One Animation Montage to hold All Animations of a Player, which I am then calling by their Slot Names. So far I have about 10 Animations stored in One Animation Montage. Is it possible to have 40-60 Animations in a single Animation Montage? Will it have any affect in Performance, memory or load times?

Any Help or Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

All animations in the montage will be in memory at the same time, something to keep in mind. You also can not blend between different sections of a montage so it is not a straight up replacement for anim states.

@Waves Thank you.

I think I will re-think my approach. Having all my animation loaded into memory at the same time will be a problem