One actor tells another actor to GotoState, but it doesn't enter the state until over a second later

The sprites in my game go through a walking animation that’s defined inside State Walking.

The AIController that controls the pawns tells the sprite to GotoState(‘Walking’). I’m timing when the AIController gives the order and when the sprite begins the state. It’s over a second later. I don’t know why it takes so long.

Have any of you run into this issue? Is there a way to tell the sprite to GotoState immediately?

OK, I found the problem, sort of. The AIController was changing state, and when it begins its next state, it tells the sprite to start its walking animation. The delay was in the AIController starting its next state. I don’t know why it delayed so long instead of starting the next state immediately. My workaround was to tell the sprite to start animating first, and then change the AIController’s state. It’s not very intuitive this way, but it works.