OnComponentBeginOverlap not trigerring in blueprints. Was Working

Hi there,

I’ve basically copied a lot of the BP scripting from the twin stick shooter tutorial. Basically I have a bad guy chasing my first person shooter character and onbeginoverlap the FPS character takes damage. I had it working fine and now it is not working. I’m sure I changed something that broke it but I can not figure out what.

I’ve tried backing out most of my changes but I still can not get a onbeingoverlap to fire on my bad guy character.

Does anyone have any ideas? Can someon give me direction?

Thanks a million,


Post some screenshots of the blueprints and we can help you a lot better.

Thanks for giving me a clue HaxO! I will do that tonight after I get home from work.

I discovered that the overlaps were indeed triggering. What is not working is set timer by function name. It is not calling my function. Actually it doesn’t look like any timers are working for my pawn. What is strange is that the timer is working for another object just fine.

I will put the timer issue in another question.

I discovered why the timer was not working. There is a pin for an object reference and I had inadvertently set it to the wrong object so the function would never execute.