OnComponentBegin overlap node am I using it correctly

Hi everyone.
I checked the docs and there is very little info on this node.
Below a setup I am currently using.

I had a problem with my old setup. I was wiring a check out from the “get player pawn” to the “other actor” pin.
This was working BUT I was getting a fire every time a component in my pawn overlapped.
Multiple fires in stead of one.
This was creating problems for me later down the line.

(I saw this setup in one of those BS tutorials)

Then I was thinking for myself (hah) and came up with this setup.
Now I am getting a fire only every time my “body” component (which is the root) begin overlapping or ends overlapping. (which is what I want)

Is this correct?

Also 2 questions.

  1. I had to set the trigger box to “custom collision” and make sure everything is set to “overlap”
    (It was set on overlap all dynamic and that didn’t work)

  2. What is the difference between the “overlapping component” and the “other component” its not explained in the docs.
    (It only works with “other component” not “overlapping component” which doesn’t really make sense to me.)

TY :slight_smile:

That is not how most people would use it :wink:

Thing is, overlaps are not a neat thing. People have the ( unfounded ) assumption they are a one off event.

Best thing is to code with the understanding they are not ‘neat’, and make it happen neatly.

So on begin overlap, check it’s your pawn and then go directly into a DoOnce. This DoOnce only gets reset when the end overlap happens.

Yes I was actually doing the DoOnce node and resetting it but I thought that was a “workaround”
Is that common practice?

I thought it was just firing multiple times because I have multiple components in my pawn.

If I single out the one component then it fires only once.
To me that seems right.

You will come across it everywhere that uses overlap. You’re doing a lot of extra work there…