OnComponent "Something"

I have one interesting idea, but I don’t know does this thing exist in engine. So imagine static mesh component (SMC). This component has function “OnComponentStartOverlap”, so each time when SMC overlap something this function firing in owner of this SMC. But can I make some custom function which will work in the same way? Function like this.


For example, I have cube component (CC), and every time someone look on it, it fire in the owner function “OnCubeLook”. I could make this thing using interfaces, for example every time someone look on cube, this cube make interface call to it’s owner. But what if my actor has more than one CC. Every CC will call same interface function, and I would not have a chance to find out from which component was made this call. I can give to component some editable integer variable, and pass it through interface call, but it already too complex. So, my question: Is there any other way to make this, through blueprints or code? I hope I explained this understandably, and I wait your good thoughts on this point :slight_smile: