OnClicked only firing once?

I’m having an issue where my OnClicked event for a mesh is only firing one time, but the issue is a bit more complicated than that. In the screenshot you can see how I have this set up:

Now, if I remove the create widget, and add to viewport segment, the event will fire multiple times, and I can toggle the variable fine, select and de-select the mesh, and I’m extremely confused as to why adding a widget to the viewport on click is making the event only fire once. Am I missing something simple? I can provide any other details as well, it works fine until I try to display a widget showing some variables of that actor. Any help is appreciated this has been a roadblock for almost an entire day of work now.

I’m not exactly sure how the create widget and add to viewport work, but it might set the input mode to UI which would mean you could no longer click on things int he world. Try to change the input mode to game only after you add to viewport. Get the player controller and use set input mode game only. Like I said, this is just a stab in the dark but might as well try it.

That makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately it didn’t work. I’ll look into some more details like that because that definitely sounds like at least part of the issue - some sort of focus issue or input blocking issue. Thanks a lot.

EDIT: The issue has been solved, turns out this was sort of the issue. All I had to do was change the canvas property to “Hit detection invisible” and it’s now recognizing the click on the mesh. This would have caused a lot of headache in the future dealing with inventory systems and stuff like that, so thank you!