Onclicked events not firing on streamed levels

Hello everyone!

I’ve searched for a simmilar question in the HUB, but can’t find a solution…

The thing is, I have 3 loaded levels on my persistent level. Everything works fine, as I expected, I can load/unload them as I demand and every Actor inside them is behaving as I expected.

I have several objects (houses) to interact with in each level. When you left-click on one of them, it loads another streamed level and unload the previous one. Everything ok until I try to interact with some objects I placed inside that second level… Key events, click events suddenly stop firing. Tick events and Begin Play events work perfectly.

I also made a widget button, that allows me to return from ‘house level’ to ‘original level’, and it also works perfectly.

Hope you can give me a solution or, at least, tell me what am I doing wrong.

Thank you so much


After some time hitting my keyboard with my head, I found the problem: It had nothing to do with level streaming: I disabled click events some time ago for testing some stuff in the project. So when I entered the second level I already had my click events disabled…

Thank you anyway! :slight_smile: