OnClicked event only fires when double clicked

I just upgraded from 4.10, and in that version, clicking works perfectly fine. I am curious if I’m missing some setting that is in 4.12 and not in 4.10 that made the OnClicked event only fire with a double click. Just the behavior is wrong for some odd reason.

I have the same problem with 4.13, can someone please help!?!

Under Project Settings > Input, is “Use Mouse for Touch” set to true?

Try turning it off?

It isn’t on in my project settings. The settings for mouse properties that are enabled are “Enable Mouse Smoothing” and “EnableFOVScaling”

No, not for me either.

This is something to do with the Capture option under Project Settings / Input

If i set the Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode to “Capture during mouse down” then it works ok. But if it is set to “Capture permanently” then it requires double clicks to register a single click.

This doesn’t work for me either. It still only fires when I double click.

This is on an Actor in the scene too. Not a widget. Widget buttons work on a single click for me

This new thread’s answer worked for me: An LMB event is only triggered with a double-click ?! - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

You need to set ur PlayerController input to InputModeGameOnly , and also set the SetConsumeCaptureMouseDown on the InputeMode to false.

In C++ I do this to my PlayerController.

FInputModeGameOnly InputModeData;

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Confirm that the widget is focused. The first click may be focusing it, then the second is the normal click event