OnClicked event of UMG Button not called anymore even though the button is visually pressed


I’m having trouble narrowing down the cause of the issue, but maybe someone got an idea:
I’m developing a VR application using 3D widgets using UMG and the new WidgetInteraction-component. Mostly everything works fine. I got a panel with buttons and some combo-boxes and they can be triggered using my motion controller using the WidgetInteraction component.
However at some point (I havn’t figured out yet) the OnClicked-event of some buttons will stop being called even though the button is still visually clicked. Other buttons and the combo-boxes still work fine. It is very confusing that the button appears to be pressed, it is just not firing the event anymore.

Anyone has an idea what could cause this ? How is it even possible ? Is it a bug ?

I’ll try to narrow down the exact steps to reproduce the issue, but so far I could not… :confused:

Any help is appreciated… thank you very much.

You probably are creating multiple WICs and they’re all sending mouse events acting as the same finger/user. When that happens, you can get widgets into weird states.