onClick Event still not working (or possibly left-click isn't working)

I’ve made sure that click events are enabled on my player controller, but there’s still no reaction whenever I click on any object with an onClick event assigned to it’s mesh. What else could be preventing it from working?

To make things as simple as possible, I created a cube (static mesh) actor, and added an onClick event to it that just prints out a test string. Nothing happens when it’s clicked. As I’ve stated before, I’ve made sure click events are enabled (very redundantly) but still nothing happens.

Edit: After fooling around some more, I’m beginning to suspect that the system just isn’t acknowledging clicking on anything except my user interface elements.

make sure your mesh has collision data generated

I’m pretty sure they do. They bounce off of things properly.And to make sure, I set up a test to have it print a message whenever it collides with another object and that worked.