Once you have a character completely how you want it...

How do you transfer all attributes to a new character. What is the best systematic process?

I’m guessing if it was characters using the same skeleton but different mesh you could just replace the mesh with a reupload of a different mesh. But if not what is the easiest way to give a new character all your old stuff?

Make one character blueprint and configure/code it to your liking. Then you can create a child blueprint class from that blueprint and the child will inherit all it’s properties. You can just update the mesh in the child blueprint and only those properties that need to be updated.

If you modify the skeleton you have to re-target the animations as well.
The way that works best for me is to copy the directory with all the animations, import it (paste) into a new project that has no skeletons.
This will flush the skeleton from the anima. I then import the skeleton I want.
Search for “animation”, select them all, and bulk retarget (it’s acrually a specific option you get when the original skeleton is gone).

After the engine is done doing the association I normally copy the folder back into my project, and remove the temporary project as well…

The end result is a 5min complete set of retargeted animations. Bulk retargeting is not as fast and throws errors comparatively…

Thanks all for the solutions!