Once Working now not?

So I have platforms which the character is suppose to be able to fall through, he did before I don’t know what broke. As well as going up through them, I don’t understand it, because these were never messed with and just stopped working. If anyone has any ideas would be great.

Is it all platforms of that type, or just one instance?

The other question we should probably ask, is have you done anything to your project since the last time it worked? Upgraded engine versions perchance?

no, it is all platforms it was working and just stopped while I was working on enemies, and also no I hardly change engine from what the project is started on. I really don’t get it because when I look at the blueprint executing. I watch it fire to disable collision but yet won’t fall through

oh and a edit side note, my enemies are running the same basic system, and they are able to fall and climb through the platforms but not my player, and both the enemies and player are pawns

Without seeing everything involved I can’t say much for certain, but it sounds to me like it’s however you incorporated your AI being able to do it as well that is messing it up. A conflict of sorts.

One thing I’d say to try if you haven’t already, is just completely disable your AI, or at least disconnect whatever blueprint is executing their ability use these platforms. Then see if your player still has the problem.

The enemies could do it and the player could do it at one point, the enemies do it based of if players higher or lower on z turns off collision and moves, I’ve also tested with no enemies even spawned into the map to the same nothing success. the player casts a line trace and when it hits the platform piece it disables collision. If the player and the enemy do it the same way, and both worked before, don’t know why this would change. I should prob also add that at one point I could go up through them but not down, as always watch the blueprint exec to the correct node turning off collision, and randomly the jump through stopped working as well

Any chance you can share some more screenshots of the blueprints in question, for the player and AI? It’s hard to get a mental image of.

At the moment as far as being able to go through the platform in both directions, you’d want to run two different line traces one looking above and one below in order to properly trigger that.

Yeah I can take some more screen shots I have a line trace for going up, but going down is triggered by hitting spacebar/fire button and holding down S basically down arrow, any specific things you might want to see? My player has grown quite a bit, and had a pretty sizable graph.

I think we mostly just need to see the sections on both the player and the AI that trigger/handle the interactions with these platforms and their physics.

The First image: is pretty much the same one as before

The Second image: Is the tick exec which check to see if the player wants to fall and calls the function

The Third Image: Is the function disabling the collision

The Fourth Image: Is when the spacebar is pressed and is smashing=holding S is true it flips wants to fall bool to True

The Fifth Image: Is in the enemy, it checks to see how far the players’ Z is from itself

The Sixth Image: Is when the player is to high it turns collision off and allows gravity to just pull them down

The Final Image: Is the line trace to make sure there is a platform above them to jump too turns gravity and collision off and moves up.

I thought I might also add the ingame pictures which show the line trace hitting the platforms as well.

no one has any ideas?