Once imported -- then ...?

Step 1:
I imported the datasmith container.
The geometry automatically popped up at the correct location → import successful. All good.

Step 2:
The Geometry from the Datasmith Import was deleted from the Level, and doesn’t show up anymore in the World Outliner.

Step 3:
I would like to bring the content back to the level. The geometry is still available inside my content folder.

How can I add the Content again to a new Level with automatic x,y,z position?

Can’t figure out how to do this!

Thanks for any help, guide and clarification.
Appreciate it!

Is the Datasmith scene still existent in your content folder, that was created during your import process? If so, then you would just drag this into your new level, and set it to coords 0:0:0. If not, then i guess, you have to reimport your models to get that Datasmith scene back. Within that Datasmith scene, all your imported objects are placed at the imported positions. It basically acts as an pivot point for all imported meshes/objects.

In the reimport with excisting or new file you can specify to respawn deleted actors.

Thank you. That helped me a lot. Thank you so much!