OnBeginOverlap - Issue in BP


When you are setuping a Capsule in a BP that have a collision preset that OverlapPawn and you are setting up a Vertical impulse on the BeginOverlap event, we have a weird result.

In fact, the begin overlap event is called, the impulse is set on the pawn, in the same frame, the end overlap is also called (why ?? I think this is the bug). So the next frame the BeginOverlap is called again… and you are looping…

Could you please confirm that you are facing this on your side and provide a fix?


FYI I’m on 4.6.1
For the moment, I just tested and saw the issue between 2 capsule.
I didn’t test other scenarios.

Might be linked to : Begin/End overlap issue - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums
Wierd Issue with on begin and end overlap? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

If so is it fix in 4.7? What is the # of the issue ?

Hi ,

As mentioned in the other post, this is a known issue under UE-7000 and is currently under assessment. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeframe available of when this a fix will be implemented.

Thanks for the update.
Just to be sure, in my issue, it’s not link to a big size volume, but std colision between a pawn and 400uu*2000uu Capsule

Thank you for the updated information, I will update the bug report accordingly.

I apparently gave you the wrong report number, though it is a related error, the actual bug report for this specific issue is UE-3638 and has been updated with the information you provided. I am posting this on the other thread as well.

The issue seems to be mainly 2 capsules.