OnBeginComponentOverlap not firing reliably

I am currently running a slightly modified vsn of 4.7.6 (enabled Steamv132 and Rama’s nodes).

For the past few days I’ve been trying to implement a system where a user uses a dynamically-sized sphere to select all units that are theirs within that sphere (i.e. RTS selection). I’m attempting this by having a sphere just over the unit that listens for overlap from the user’s selection sphere, but the sphere does not seem to reliably pick up the overlap from the selection sphere at all, but it 100% reliably picks up overlap from other unit spheres (i.e. when I have a unit prepared to be spawned in the same location).

This is what the selection sphere looks like. Here is an example of the unit spheres not detecting the selection sphere. Finally, here is an example of the unit spheres actually working - what’s weird is that if I shake my mouse vigorously like I do in the last gif, it sometimes works, but never works otherwise.

Some pictures of my bps that may prove useful:

  • BP 1: The tick event that handles resizing the sphere. The transform is gotten from some small calculations based on where the drag started and where it currently is. Performed in my character blueprint.
  • BP 2a: First part of the Begin/End overlap events
  • BP 2b: Second part of the Begin/End overlap events. These are performed in the Unit Base blueprint

I’ll attempt to reproduce this in a clean project if nobody picks up right off the bat a mistake I’ve made in the BP or on request. I’ve tried shuffling the logic for these events around a number of times, using OnBeginOverlap for the entire actor as well, run by the sphere itself, etc. Not sure what else I can try to be honest, but if you have any ideas please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer, and if I can provide anything else that is useful just let me know.

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that if you’re experiencing this problem try updating to the newly released 4.9. I just updated from 4.7.6 → 4.9 and this problem appears to be completely resolved. Thanks Epic devs ^^