onbegincomponent overlap does not work if blueprint only contains a skeletal mesh

I have made a blueprint actor and in the blueprint i have a skeletal mesh and a boxcollision.
In my firstpersoncharacter if have a cone (that u use to detect objects instead of a raycast).

I use onbegincomponentoverlap (cube) and cast to knight and then print a message on the screen when the cone hits the knight.

This all works perfectly. But it doesn’t work when i remove the boxcollision and just have a skeletal mesh inside my knight blueprint

Why is this? (knight blueprint viewport) (firstpersoncharacter viewport) (firstpersoncharacter event graph)

It doesn’t work like this:

Well if you only need to know the collision between the cone and the knight you should keep using the simple colliders that are quite quick and easy…
Skeletal mesh are quite complex to calculate when talking about collisions if you want a precise result …
you have to set them , i found an answer that point to a video s