OnAudioFinishedNative AddUObject Issue

I don’t mean to be redundant, I replied to the answer on my previous thread but I am not sure if that will notify the user that answered me.

I am trying to use the OnAudioFinished delegate from a class with an AudioComponent instance.

I was told to use .BindUObject() on the OnAudioFinished delegate but it seems as though that is not a member of OnAudioFinished. Rather there is .Add()

I am not sure how I would bind a function using this Add method so I tried using OnAudioFinishedNative.

OnAudioFinishedNative has a .AddUObject with the same parameters as .BindUObject() so I tried that.

AudioComp->OnAudioFinishedNative.AddUObject(this, &AAudioPlayer::AudioFinished);

Now I am getting an error under the ‘.’ saying “no instance of overloaded function matches the argument list”

I get a similar error using AudioComp->OnAudioFinishedNative.AddUFunction(this, AAudioPlayer::AudioFinished);

And AudioComp->OnAudioFinishedNative.AddUFunction(this, &AAudioPlayer::AudioFinished);