OnActorBeginOverlap Is only working when there is a EventBeginPlay in the chain?

Hey there.
I have one blueprint containing only a Box Collision and that should be placable by designers so when the BP is placed in a level another Blueprint can check if the player overlaps with it.
This is happening in the Blueprint checking if an actor overlaps with the other blueprint.:

Everytime I enter my TriggerBoxblueprint the OnActorBeginOverlap fires but only if I hook up the EventBeginPlay as well. This doesnt work for my case as I want to kill the object after the player entered the triggerBlueprint and not right at the beginning of the playsession.
If the EventBeginPlay is not hooked up just nothing happens.
Using the level Blueprint for this is no option.

Thanks for your help!

Take that current link out and plug the begin play in.

You don’t want to bind on overlap, right? You want to bind a the beginning…

You need to plug the overlap event into some new code, what you want to happen when the overlap occurs.

Thanks mate, that worked! Sometimes as a non coder its not so easy to see in what order things have to be connected so I totally reverse engineered event-binding. :smiley: