OnActorBeginOverlap and Character Components

Is there a way to grab a specific component of the player character and use it to OnActorBeginOverlap?
At present I have a RadarBounds which is huge Capsule Collision to pick up players on the map and show them on my radar but this same Capsule Collision is picking up the Ammo that is dropped by killed AI instead of the player having to walk over the Ammo to pick it up.

Any ideas how I can fix this?


Hi man,

If you plan to make a radar i would suggest you to just create an array with all character players, or pawn in the game.
You can use get all actors of class , to get all kind of class you want,
then you can put all togheter in 1 actor array or keep all separate so you can “draw” players in red (and for example powerups in green)
Get the location of every actor with a loop and get the distance between they and the location of the radar.
If the distance is lower than your radar radius, you draw them ,otherwise they are out of radar reach