On which map the game is saved, when the continue button is pressed, it will continue from that map

Hello, I want that if the player closed the game while in the 2nd chapter, the game will be saved automatically, then when she presses the continue button, the player will continue from the 2nd chapter.

Yes, you have to save the level name in the save game.

You only need to create the save game once, ever ( unless you want to overwrite it ).

I notice you’re not saving the name of the level anywhere?

Here’s my save game 101:

PS Don’t use the async version. I know there’s stuff all over youtube about it, but it will cause problems for you.

Something like this

How did you create the target: level name?

You just drag from the save game pin and search for your variable. You have to search for a variable that’s actually in your save game, of course… :wink: