[on Trello] 38 Architectural Textures


I’am a texture artist and i create cool expertly made, seamless turnkey textures. All my textures are hand-modelled. Modelling is a time-taking process, but the result you get is worth it. The major advantage of my textures is that geometry for normal map is being modelled with photo textures I photographed myself.

I need your help for enter in Ureal Marketplace.

**Please vote for me on Trello:

Video demonstration:

A few questions:

  1. Resolution? I need at least 4k textures. 8k would be ideal…

  2. Are the materials properly named?

  3. Do the materials have built in LOD, or are there seperate LOD distance mats… see below

  4. Close range: World displaced / tessellation for the larger features, normal mapped for small features; Medium range: No tessellation, normal mapped, smaller texture size, Long range, small texture only

Looking good!
Did vote =]


  1. Sorry, only 2K resolution.
  2. Yes, all named well.
    3-4) Tessellation depends of the distance. I didn’t do anything special.

Hi Gametextures,

Textures are modular (grass, dirt, Roughness, etc… ) ?


Every texture has diffuse map, normal map, height map, specular map and roughness map. Amount of spec, roughness and displacement you can change in shader. Nothing else. I will post shader screenshot tomorrow.

Well done, great job!

Looks good and you got a vote/future customer :slight_smile:

i love that Spanish tile.

Looks good!

Voted, you’re nailing it

Thank you guys! Here is two close screenshots:

They look nice and all, but i just realized something. I went to your site. Says includes diffuse, spec, normal, and height. No roughness or metallic texture? Art pipeline has changed.

Until recently I didn’t make roughness maps for my textures indeed, so at the moment the textures on my website are without this map. **But, naturally, all the textures of my collection at Unreal Marketplace include roughness map. **

Paving set from my collection:

Looking forward to this.

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for my collection of textures. Glad to communicate it gained the sufficient number of votes and passed to the ‘coming soon’ category.

We bought this package today and checked out the sample file but when applied to a static mesh it seems we are not getting the tessellation and height equal to the sample file. The geometry does get tessellated but not enough.

Any clues as to what maybe wrong or a quick primer as to what is required to get it to work as per the example?

Hi, FrankieV! Thank you for your purchase and sorry for this situation.

Seems like the problem in insufficient density of mesh. You can solve it very easy.
Just open a shader and add new multiplier to “Tessellation multiplier”.