On Touch pickup object

So I have a basic scene setup with a fixed camera perspective. I’m attempting to get it so that on touch/click of a ball you simulate physics and add physics handle then grab, I cannot seem to get the event to fire off correctly as soon as I plug in a location to grab component it breaks and stops even adding simulate physics. I’m trying to basically do how pokemon goes throwing Pokeball works. It floats until ontouch then you grab it, I’m not worried about the throwing event just getting it in hand via ontouchbegin.

BP for the ball below. Let me know if anyone has ideas i’ve spent 2 days trying to figure this out.

Done a little more work, So when I don’t plug in “Location” to grab component the physics gets added to the ball like it should but as soon as I plug in the location it seems that nothing at all happens. I added the on tick even to update where the ball should be but I’m not seeing any effect.