On tick Set Hidden in game bug?

Hey there I am using 4.10.2 and i am having a problem with the “set hidden in game” scene component node.

Here is the current set up:

Event Tick checks if the target lock button is held (Right mouse) and then does an object trace(to only look for pawn objects) towards where you are pointing. LockOnTrace macro.

It returns an an actor and checks if its valid. All good so far.

Now things get a bit weird.
I check the LockedTargets array to see how many material billboard components are stored in it. Should be 0 at this point. Even the in game print string debug confirms it.

Then if there is space that is defined by the MaxLockedTargets, it will add to the array or do nothing.
However its always reading false in the print string (even when i rehooked it up that as you will see in the video) BUT it will keep setting additional “set hidden in game” to true for any additional actors traced over afterwards. Even the array is reporting that it has all the available slots filled, so it should not be continuing along the true line. It will even print out the other debug strings.

I am fairy sure that it is the Set Hidden node, as when i remove it everything else seems to work fine.

Here is a video to give you a better idea of whats happening.

I’ve removed it from the tick execution and gave it a custom event that is called on mouse click instead. that works, but its not quite ideal.


Using Tick is never recommended, as it has limitations. It is always recommended that you create a custom event and call it on a timer instead, as it is much more performant. As you’ve stated, calling a custom event on mouse click seems to be the more efficient way to do it in your case.

In terms of the issue that you are experiencing using tick, would you mind providing a zipped up copy of your project via Dropbox so that we can look into your issue?


I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we have not heard from you in a few days. If this issue persists, feel free to respond to this thread. For any new issues, please create a new Answerhub topic.

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