On the Rails, 3rd Game Mode for N'SANE SHOOTING

Enjoy this rail gun shooter for N’SANE SHOOTING (Second project for those following). Here’s the link. I’ll change the stage if I get enough requests. Same goes with making the demo available for those who want to play the game.

Please tell me what is wrong with the demo. As always please don’t write “it sux because it sux” I will not tolerate those comments.

I can appreciate the concept; can’t say I’ve played many dating sims with interactive segments like this one (aside from Catherine).
Having access to more voice actors could potentially help, as well as adding NPCs in the background/more auditory ambience. Maybe add subtitles as well for more clarity during the speaking sections.

A question on the development side: were you able to script the ‘movement to the next sequence’ events via blueprints, or did you use C++? I’ve been looking for more documentation on the House of The Dead-esque ‘rail shooter’ style, and haven’t found much for Unreal, so any guidance in that regard would be much appreciated.