On switching Pawn the MoveToHitLocation gets fired for no apparent reason

Hi again guys,
I have a problem with this simple configuration:


If the hit result is a CustomCharacter then Possess it, otherwise move to the hit location. Seems straightforward. But if I click on a Pawn, after the switch, the new Pawn will move to the new mouse location without clicking, it just seems to be doing two things at once.

I made a quick gif to show the problem. In it I click only once to select the white pawn, and then again only once to re-select the red one. The movements, right after switching the pawn, are something I want to avoid.

LINK TO GIF (too big to add to post)

Anyone has any idea?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You need to close the Gate straight after you possess the new pawn. Since your using Tick, the time it takes for you to CLICK allows multiple ticks to occur, thus it maybe causing the possessed character to move.

I suspected it was something easy I was missing… I don’t know why but I gave for granted that one click was inside a single Tick…
It works perfectly now! Thanks you DevilsD.

Im not sure why your using Tick, as this would work fine without it.

Yes… I was still learning/experimenting there (and still am).
I just learned about interfaces, so I have completely remade it, differentiating between left clicks (movements), and right clicks (interactions).
Thanks anyway :wink: