On Screen Virtual Keyboard UMG?

Is there a way to have an on screen virtual keyboard?
There is this…rds/index.html
However I want to do the same but not in VR, rather in normal Widget Blueprint.
So if you are using a touch screen or a game-pad you can fill text boxes without needing a keyboard.
An Example: 28th Second.


These are VR Examples by mitchemmc. One of them is a virtual keyboard and a web browser.
I tried putting the virtual keyboard in widget instead of actor, here is what happens.

I added print string so I can check whats going on. Actually, it prints on buttons press and release. However, I think the problem is it always gains focus not the text box. Even though I have the button not focusable. I also checked the buttons in the keyboard widget all have (is focusable) false.
What could be the problem??