On removing an engine point release, it deletes workspace

I found out the hard way that when removing an engine install from the launcher it wipes out the projects also, no warning.

I use Perforce so I just pulled down my project, so I only lost a few small changes. But, there was not even a warning for this. I run UE4 on my SSD drive because it’s faster, but can’t keep very many engine installs around as they are too big.

Can it be made an option to delete the projects? I didn’t even see a warning or anything, I could have backed up to my data drive first if I had known.

Thank you

Did this happen with 4.6? I’m pretty sure you shouldnt have this kind of a problem with previous versions since i’ve been doing the same thing myself with every new release.

Ya, updating to 4.6 deleted my project folder.

It physically deleted the projects from your Unreal Projects folder?

I have done this a few times (just un-installed ver 4.3 a couple days ago) and there was no issue, I still have a few 4.3 projects on my HD though.

Just out of curiosity, what is the file-path you use? Are you projects saved in your Documents folder? If you are saving them into the 4.x engine folder then it will be removed when you uninstall, but you shouldn’t be saving your projects there.

If this was in your documents (or other non program files folders) can you please post this on AnswerHub (Bug Reports) so that epic can take a look at it for you? Please add aas much information as possible, version number, hardware config, etc. Thanks!

They are in the Documents path. Because the project is source controlled on a Perforce server it wasn’t that bad, but yes. It physically deleted the projects folder and all files within. It did not send them to the trash so couldn’t recover them through Windows.