On Rails Shooter Starter Kit

What would you like to see in an on-rails shooter kit?

Currently I have pawns that follow assigned path splines, the ability to branch these paths, simple AI, projectile combat, and two enemy types. I plan on adding a third enemy, a boss enemy, and collision detection with the environment. The player has the ability to move within a given range from the exact spline location, as well as rotate.

I was thinking about charging $5 on the marketplace, but maybe higher if I add some requested features.

Well Jeez, that’s pretty cool. What more would I want? For five bucks, not much. Seems fair. Maybe like to see power-ups, level to level transitions, dual player on split screen. Just some ideas. What you have is great starting point already. Got my vote.

Thank you. Collision wasn’t too hard to add, no more clipping. You get pushed back to the spline if you bump into something. I also added bomb pickups.

I reworked how movement is handled for smoother and floatier controls, added a helicopter enemy that has turrets, and a boss with specific weak points. I also added spread to weapons, and various other small changes.

I have made an initial submission. Also, here is an updated video.

I’m in! When will you submit it to the Trello board?

I just did the initial submission, it says they will get back to me in 24 - 48 hours. No idea for sure what happens after that lol.

Quick update:

Did some more bug fixing and did some back and forth emailing with Epic.

Epic has my files and is currently reviewing them and gauging community interest.

Well guys, It has been a couple of weeks and I haven’t heard back or gotten more responses to my emails. Hopefully they are just really busy. I hope to hear back from them soon.

I hope so too! I want to experiment with this kind of gameplay :slight_smile:

You’ve got my vote! :slight_smile: