On Rails Camera

I’m trying to make a on rails shooter i.e Area 51, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, and so on.

I am having a hard time finding anything on not only locking the players movement, but also the control of the camera.

My basic idea was to have the player camera follow an object around. I’m just not sure how to go about that.

I have found stuff about locking the players movement and letting them control the camera, but nothing about both.

I am pretty new to UE4 and game making in general, so please bear with my questions should they seem silly.

there are no silly questions, only silly answers :slight_smile:

use another camera and switch between them when you want, would probably be best solution w/o knowing details. hope I read your problem correctly.
you can add cameras & or move them around or do whatever you like under the components tab inside a BP, just make sure you have the right camera in BP when working with them.

something similar to this might help:

(done in 4.5 but should be similar)(main thing to notice is the camera part, this is actually done in a Vehicle BP. using part of the advanced vehicle project)
(just add a camera under the components tab, then compile/save/etc. then it should show up as an object on the left in the BPs variables list, then just drag it into BP event graph)
(notice the activate/deactivate being used to switch between cameras)
(you can create an event to switch them with key input either in BP or in your project settings at the top of editor)(then later after testing setup an event to do it later whenever you want it to switch)
(if you need more look at the advanced vehicle template project you can create, it has a camera switching from 3rd Person to inside the vehicle 1st Person)
(this isn’t exactly easy but not hard either, you should be able to do this, use this for hints on what to do, experiment n search google etc. if ya run into problems or ask again in forums)

good luck :wink:

That’s very useful to use, but it doesn’t quite do what I am looking for. At least I don’t think it does.

I want to have the player automatically move at the start of gameplay, and have the camera turn to look down halls or toward enemies. something like…
Forgive the language it was the shortest clip of a rail shooter I could fine.

Not sure you wanted it too but for your railway player movement : a spline system

Edit : I had not seen your video before but yes splines is what you’ll need and limit camera movement. Check splines in content examples to have examples easier to follow than the one is the link i gave you.

k, sorry. wasn’t sure and still aren’t exactly sure what you are trying to achieve but,…

looks like you need to look at Matinee from what I’m getting out of your post:

still probably missing your point, but nice video to watch eh?

That did it, it’l take some more work to get it polished but Matinee is the trick.