On projectile hit, make bone move

I am trying to understand and figure out how to implement, making a bone move based on a projectile hit.

Like for example a bullet hit head, and make head move a little bit. Is this done in Blueprints? is it in the projectile blueprint? is it in physics asset. this part is all blank in my head…

What needs to happen is a momentary simulate physics. The projectile or character can handle this, it depends on what is all required. If its on the project, you need to get the skeletal mesh if the impact target, then find the specific bone, then call physics profile. If it’s the character, it needs to knoe which bone to simulate which could be an interface call between the projectile and character. Check out the character physics animation in the content examples and look for some yt vids by epic about the same thing. I don’t remember their names, but two epic peeps went over a lot of intriguing concepts using physics simulates with character animations.

Thanks Ill look into that!