On Play Character is off map and Frozen


Using ver. 4.8.
I seem to be having some issues with my character starting correctly when I go to play a small demo map that I created following a tutorial from the Unreal Engine channel. When either selecting Current Camera Location OR Default Player Start under Play and then choosing play I find myself jettisoned off and below the map, near the grid floor. I am unable to move, look around or anything. When pressing the escape key I hear what sounds like the gun fire sound. I am then released from the frozen state but in the same position. Now I have tried placing the player start all over the map and every time I am returned to the same location during a game start. When I remove the player start and choose Current Camera Location I find myself again under the map I have built but in a slightly different area but still unable to move or do anything until pressing the escape key and hearing the fire noise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi edwardteach,

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