"on particle created" event for emitter actors

The thing I’m trying to do is so infuriatingly simple but I can’t figure out how to do it because the UE4 documentation is absolutely HORRIBLE.

Manitee doesn’t give me enough control over how things like initial velocity are randomized so I want to use blueprint to control the randomization instead. I have spent 2 painstaking, frustrating hours google searching and trying to figure out how to do this because like I said, UE4 documentation absolutely SUCKS and is chock full of dead ends and missing information. I tried looking for an event for when particles are spawned so I can control the parameters for the individual particles and I got nothing. The highlight of my frustration was when I got to this page

“EPET_Blueprint Generate an event which talks to Blueprints, allowing you to execute Blueprint script or allow Blueprint script to execute particle commands.”

and that looks like exactly what I’m looking for… BUT IT DOESN’T TELL ME HOW TO ACCESS THE EVENT FROM BLUEPRINT. And I can’t find ANY resources on Google that tell me how to do it.

Please help?

subclass public UParticleModuleEventBase;
check class UParticleModuleEventGenerator : public UParticleModuleEventBase
class UParticleModuleEventReceiverBase : public UParticleModuleEventBase