On overlap of two components in separate actors?

I was previously able to do that if I simply cast to the First Person Capsule since it shows up in the blueprint suggestion box automatically. But this time there is a custom component inside of the First person character and I need to get on component begin overlap with it from another blueprint actor.

How do I cast to that exact component?

Oh and an important thing to add is that right now I am reading an array of all components that the actors component is overlapping with and checking if the colliding component is there. While this sort of works, I also have a number of invisible components in the first person character bp that I use for various tigers and collision checks for action so some of those meshes overlap with the target mesh and end up triggering the On Component Begin Overlap but since that is not the right component, it ends up not registering the right one since the false component has not left the actor to trigger the End overlap.

So this here works but I need to get the On Begin Overlap of Two components exactly instead of an array. And it is important that it is being checked in the actor blueprint as opposed to the First Person one since there will be many of those actors in place.

Did you manage to get it working?
I am having the same issue and still can’t figure out the reason.

Hey, yeah I figured it out. In my case, I added a tag to the component that i needed the collision to be checked against. Within my npc actor, which there are several instances of, I right clicked on one of the components in the actor blueprint and made a new On Begin Overlap, Now this node will go nuts as it will trigger every time it overlaps with ANYTHING. so I’ve spawned a “Component has tag” node and typed in the same tag as the other component and plucked that into a branch. So no even though the begin overlap event triggers every time it crosses something, it only passes the exec signal when that collided component has the same tag.

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Hey Tobias, I’m trying to achieve the same result, could you please post a screen grab of the BP that you finally got working?

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