On overlap events not working

I am creating a paper 2d game and the issue I am running into is I have multiple levels on level 1 my collision boxes that kill the player if they fall on spikes water ect are not working on level 2 the player simply stands on the collision instead of taking damage. The enemy overlap events are still working just not basic collisions and the Collison boxes I have set to keep the player in the map allow the player to walk through them instead of blocking. I have gone through all of my settings and it appears that everything for level 2 is set up exactly as in level 1 so I am unsure why this is happening. The damage systems are set to cast damage to player character. Thank you for taking time to look at my issue I look forward to reading the responses.

I figured out the issue with the collision supposed to keep my player in the map just not why the on overlap collision boxes are not working, The level blocking Collison was on the wrong axis but everything is now set to the same y coordinates as the player for some reason I can walk on my overlap collision that is supposed to kill the player.

Ok I created a new level set it up the same and my on overlap collisions are working I am unsure as to what setting cause the issue but I am just going to delete that level and use the new one maybe it was some weird glitch.