On mouse click event won't work

Hello I am trying to make a mesh disappear on the mouse click event

First, I set show muse coursor to true in character blueprint

I tried to set up a class for the mesh. I set it up, made an on click event, dragged off a destoy actor node, and it didn’t work. Then I replaced it with a print string “hello”, didn’t work as well
It works on hit event, but not mouse click event
I also tried on begin mouse over or something, didn’t work
Please help, what am I doing wrong?

In your player controller you have to enable mouse click events in the class defaults

Hello, thanks but in my third person character blueprint there are no mouse related stuff in class defaults or settings, I was able to set mouse over events via a node, but I don’t need mouse overs please halp

Like I said, it’s in your Player Controller not your character. Your 3rd person character is the thing your player controller controls.

Note the 5th picture, the checkbox that says “Enable Click Events”. You might as well also set Show Mouse Cursor to be true here too if it’s always true.

I have similar problem but in the AR Template:

I’ve working on a project for a while then i´ve encountered this problem, after trying so many things, i’ve started a new template, and the problem still presists.
This might be some setting that i be missing to turn on, but for now i dont seem to understand what’s happening.

project setting -> filtering with “mouse” -> uncheck USE MOUSE FOR TOUCH

Anymore I just do a trace like this for my object ref and do the rest with interfaces.

And you can do a bit of work with tags and such if you want to be able to set actors to do X or Y on click as well.

You might have to try "Use Mouse for Touch. For some reasons, the Line Trace doesn’t work the same in editor mode.

Hi, I know I’m extremely late to this, but I’m having the same issue and both of these fixes dont seem to work. If I uncheck use mouse for touch my character wont move at all, and it starts checked. Also I have enable click events on in the controller. Maybe someone can explain what scurv did? I dont know what that means. Thanks in advance