[On Marketplace for sale] Simple Multiplayer Chat

Dear Community,

I am the creator of the S.M.C (Simple Multiplayer Chat),

If you have bought the system it would be cool and helpful if you would rate/comment on the marketplace website : Simple Multiplayer Chat System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

A widget that is added to a HUD, and it allows simple chat logic, send global messages, and whisper/personal messages,
The system is well documented so it can be easily altered to suit your needs, as of now, it does check that player names are unique,
and personal messages are not sent if player with the specific name is not ingame.
Only the sender and “receiving” players can see the personal message.
Messages are also timestamped and the Chat was tested using both listen and dedicated server options
It comes with an implementation tutorial and additional help is available on request.

Any questions, problems, or bug reports, contact me on:
Skype: Sarr_50
Steam: sarr_50 (Mr.Wolf)
or email: [EMAIL=“”]

Technical Details

-Customisable Widget.
-global(visible by all) and personal messages (visible only by sender or receiver)
-Separate text colour for personal, global and own messages.
-Set name for each player.
-Easily Customisable

Intended Platform

Tested on Windows platform, but it should work on other platforms too.

I would also be more than happy to help anyone set up the S.M.C to work in their project.

If you have any questions, or would like you report a bug, you can:
-post here
-drop me a private message

or contact me using details above.

Video Tutorial:

Best Tutorial EVER!

The System it self is easy to understand and you show how to use it in a way that clicks. Major Points man good work.

I purchased your Simple Multiplayer Chat system, and watched the entire YouTube video.
Setting everything up, it all seemed to go very well and smoothly.
However, accurately going back through the video and making sure everything had been done correctly, I’m not allowed to type to other clients?

I can see the GUI, and have verified everything to be similar to yours. But I cannot press “Enter” to type, and cannot press F1 -> Select the box -> Type -> Press enter.
Anything I type into the chat box does not go through.

I figure this is probably a faulty in my player? I’m using the 3rd person view, just like you, and set everything up in it’s event graph.

I’m sure your system probably works, and is great, but I can’t seem to find any solutions to this problem.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to fix this problem.

Hmm that is odd,

If I understand correctly the chat is not updating with the sent messages, (you click send, or press enter and the chat just stays empty), do the messages appear either on the client who sends them, or the server?
Screenshots of your blueprint setup would be helpful so that I help you figure out what is wrong,

Feel free to contact me either on skype: sarr_50, steam: sarr_50 (going under name Mr.Wolf) (I can help a little better over real time chat)

Sorry, we got it handled on a different thread.
Had nothing to do with your great tool, just interaction with something completely different.

Thanks! Your blueprint is working like a charm.:slight_smile:

I also have this problem. I get the players to set their name in a Entername_widget using a textfield that commits ‘setname [what player typed]’ before launching the chat UI.
Anything I type into the chat box does not go through.

[hmm, now it works… but I get a scroll of errors casting to HUD on pressing Esc]

I’d need to know more , about the errors and how you set the chat up.
feel free to add me on skype or steam where I can provide support quicker

Are trying out your BP. But was wondering, when you make a update so it support 4.9

Got it working. Really nice BP.

Greeting People!

There will be a small update to the chat system within next few days, which makes it more bandwidth friendly.
Currently the chat messages are sent to every client, where they are checked to see whether or not the client should be able to see it, or discard it.

The update will add function to check the messages server side, which will make whisper messages much more bandwidth friendly.

May you describe how to aim certain local controller or character? Im multicasting to character and filter to hit only local one. Which is really really bad.

could you rephrase your question, I’m not sure I understood what you asking for.
assuming I did understand (player 0, or controller 0, tends to be the local one)

I guess your chat is separate replicated object, how do you message one particular client from a server.

well you can do a server side check (the update for example will do that with the player name) and it will ensure that the message is replicated only to the client matching the name.

I’ve submitted an updated version compatible with 4.10, which has an additional server side check to lower bandwidth usage.

Trying to follow your tutorial to the letter, but I use a Pawn instead of ThirdpersonCharacter.
Everything is setup correct.
And I see the chat, but everytime I write something, nothing shows.
The Pawn is setup, to be a used in a Lobby system, together with the Chat.
What am I missing something here?

If I do the same thing in a Thirdperson Blueprint, then eveyrthing works.
The Tutorial shows, that I can use a pawn.

Okay, build a proejct, with only setting up the Pawn, and also another proejct with the ThirdPersonCharacter, Both proejcts work fine with the chat, so the chat is not the problem, it has something to do with something else.

Are you updating this to the latest version?

I will be updating it, thou as far as i currently know, it works correctly in 4.10 - 4.14.

sounds silly but i cant access the marketplace link from the first post

I wasn’t able to get it to work on 4.14…but I would love to be wrong.