On Mac, some dialog windows (e.g. autosave, ) are drawn on top of other programs when UE is in the background

As title say, suppose you launch a light building, and then open another program (e.g. Safari) while waiting for the light build to finish. Some dialogs (e.g. autosave, encoding textures) are still drawn on top of Safari, thereby occurring part of its window, while they should be in the backgrounds as UE4. Other windows (e.g. build lighting progress) instead behave correctly and are visibile only when UE is in focus.

This on Mac OS 10.10.3.

Hey rranon,

One way to get this dialog to disappear is to open up the editor and re-minimize the application. Is this happening often or is it at random times?

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Hello rranon,

I was able to verify what you are reporting here, and have gone ahead and entered a bug report for this issue UE-17712. If you have any questions or need additional assistance please let us know.

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Thanks, sorry for not replying to your earlier question.

No worries, and you are welcome.