On Mac mouse feels weird until screen is clicked

This only happens on UE running on Mac. On Windows and Linux it runs fine.

Every time I show the mouse cursor during gameplay, for example setting “Input mode to UI Only”, it really feels weird when you move it around the screen, as if it had a very exaggerated acceleration and it wasn’t mapped 1:1 to my movements. The moment I click on the screen, the problem goes away. I don’t always have a mac available so it’s hard for me to look into it and get a better report.

Anyone ever seen this behavior? Any ideas how to solve/troubleshoot it?

Hey Gatherer,

Could you provide me with some steps so I can reproduce this in a blank project and get the issue to appear on my end?

This issue does sound interesting, but it all depends on how you are calling the mouse to the screen, and if you have changed the aspect ratio or called it to remain in a specific space like a UMG Widget.

Let me know if you have further questions.


For instance, it seems to happen everytime I call the “Set Input Mode Game and UI” node with the lock to viewport option checked. When I unckeck it it stops. There are UMG widgets on screen and AFAIK haven’t changed the aspect ratio.

As mentioned earlier, I need some steps to follow in order to get to the working point where you come across this issue. A good way would be to provide me with some screenshots of how and where you are calling the ‘Set Input Mode Game and UI’ node. You mentioned also, this issue does not occur when you uncheck, ‘Lock to Viewport’? Is there a reason you need it locked to the viewport?

I am trying to gather context and more information so I can successfully reproduce this on my end.

Thank you,