On hovering any button event?

Hello, I want to make event for hovering any button (I have too many buttons), is it possible,or I need to add events for every button? Maybe I can somehow else change cursor on hovering buttons?

Also I need to add same sound for clicking and same sound for hovering buttons with cursor, I really need to start 1000000000000000000000000000 events?

Can you be more specific? Do you want to trigger the same event for all the buttons or different events?

I want event: “If any button hovered with mouse cursor”, action same for all buttons. I changing gobal value at hovering, cursor model based on this value. But maybe hovered models for all buttons enough.

What is this: “Event recieve hit box click?”.


I cant find it, its looks like what I looking for, but not for hovering :slight_smile: