On hover create widget...

I need a solution.
I’m making game in FP and TP. My problem is that I want to, when my cross hair hovers door, widget shows saying " Press [E] to open door "
Is that possible, and how ?

To achieve such functionality, you have to check if the mouse is hitting the door every tick or “frame”.
First create a widget that can have its text changed. Then in an event tick (I personally prefer to put it in the controller’s event tick) check for hits along the looking axis. If your crosshair is centered on the screen, you can do that by getting the camera location and adding it’s forward vector multiplied by a constant which is the maximum distance you want the widget to show up.
In this case, “Distance” is the constant I talked about. If you get a valid hit result you can try casting the hit actor or the hit component to your door static mesh/actor like this:
When you know you hit the door, you can move the widget in the same way I described in this post: