On hit or overlap interactions with spawned blueprints?

Note: I’m fairly new to UDK.
I’m currently trying to set up a laser in my project which I’d like to have continually turn on and off and have it interact with the player however the only ways I can currently think of doing this is to have the laser blueprint I have spawn in then despawn or to have it teleport in from somewhere then back out again, I currently have the laser set up to ragdoll the player character in the level blueprint, the setup of which I have here:

To get it to actually “Hit” the player how I wanted it to Ito set up a box around it (I’ve made the box visible to show it properly) like so:

I was hoping to spawn the beam blueprint in with the following with the use of a timer:

Now I was wondering if I’d be able to set up the ragdoll code in the blueprint for the beam however I don’t know how to as “OnActorHit” isn’t available in there and I don’t know how I’d do this in the level blueprint and be able to tie it into the spawn part. If anybody could help me with this and possibly suggest any better solutions for parts such as the laser it would be much appreciated, even asking for me to explain anything here to get a better understanding of what I mean would also help.

Hello SenseBlizzard,

I’m assuming you wish to make the character ragdoll when it touches the laser, correct? If so, you would probably get more use out of a Box Collision instead of an actual static mesh. A Box Collision is a volume that can be used for overlap events. Once you have that, what you would need to do is to select the Box Collision in your Component panel and then right-click in the Event Graph. At the top it’ll say “Add event for Box”. Under that there is a Collision category that will contain things such as On Component Begin Overlap. Using that you can set up something like this:

This will take the reference of the “Other Actor” from the overlap, cast to the class that you’re expecting to make sure it isn’t something else, and then run some logic to make it ragdoll. This set up is obviously basic and just sets a bool that does nothing but it should give you an idea.

Good luck!

Yes this is what I want, however I’m using the third person template, which was something I forgot to mention (My bad) I was wondering would I be able to have the laser spawn in, be able to ragdoll the player, depsawn and then continue to respawn and despawn while being able to ragdoll the player ? Not sure if I’m wording this right but yeah. Also THANKYOU SO MUCH I was starting to think that noone would respond

Managed to figure it out, ty alot the example helped, will post my blueprints soon