On hiding an actor keep its velocity when shown

Currently I have made it so the player can hide objects on button press.
The problem is when the object becomes hidden it loses its velocity and when shown again will drop to the floor or stop moving if its rolling.

Below is how I’m hiding the objects, this is in the Character Blueprint. It is suppose to be a world switch mechanic. The two worlds will be identical in layout but it will consist of showing and hiding assets, change in lighting and slight variation of level layouts.

At the moment when an object is unhidden, it loses all the velocity it had gained when it was hidden originally. Without Instancing the objects it there a way for the objects to retain their original velocity.

The main switch blueprint is below.

I’m assuming it will be in here that I will have to record the velocity of all objects and reapply the rotation and direction with a force applied equal to the original velocity, but I have no idea so that is why I am asking for help.