On event double click not firing

I know that PreciseClick allowed to tunnel, that was the whole point when it was introduced - to able to fetch a button from inside a container. I used it around 4.14.
If it no longer works, that’s a bug. The correct behaviour is featured in one of the Epic’s tutorial after all.

could you show me how you did this please will be very grateful as i cant get it to work

same issue here.
But found a simple workaroud.

added a border,after the slotbutton
moved icon into it.
and text after that


set border sizes to 64x64, and alpha at 0

and… that’s all

Perfect, thanks! (v 4.22)

Thanks a lot Berseeker ! It works perfectly.

Mine works fine like this, no need to change something else. Idk if its right way of doing it but right now no errors and works like it should. Cheers!